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k. Waiheke Herbs Skincare Giftbox


Give the gift of health and well-being - inside and out with one of our healing & moisturizing giftboxes - featuring Colloidal Silver and Herbal Essences in our cremes, balms and spray. Unisex! 

Gift boxes include:

2 x Luxurious Skincremes - for face, hands and body - of your choice

2 x Lipbalms - for guys and gals! Choose any 2  of our 7 flavours / Berry/Orange/Mint/Liqorice or Dudetubes - Fresh / Nude / Choc

1x Silver Mist , for guys and gals - as a toner, deodorant, skin freshener, or to heal burns, grazes, rashes

1x Colloidal Silver  - for staying well on the inside! 

Please let us know which 2 types of skin creme, and 2 lip balm flavours you would like here.

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